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Impact of 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing

3D printers now being able to work with materials such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminium etc have positioned the technology as a possible transformative game changer.


MIM Metal Malleability

Injection moulding is a productive and widely used technique for shaping plastic.


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Mixing process

This is video to explain about the mixing process under Metal Injection Molding technology to produce precise metal components.

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Injection process

This is the second stage of metal injection molding process. This allows us to produce parts with intrinsic designs at it's net geometry.

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Debinding process

This is the third stage of metal injection molding. Debinding will remove the polymer binder at this stage.

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Sintering process

The final stage of metal injection process. At this stage, parts will shrink to the net shape and a density of as high as 98% compared to bar stock.

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