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Making "Impossible" Complex Internal Undercut Channels ..... Possible

Customer need:
A high volume manufacturing process for a challenging new concept for a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) nozzle. The nozzle is a component in the SCR exhaust system using urea and compressed air to reduce the NOx produced by the engine exhaust system. For the SCR catalysts to obtain the best possible results, it is vital that the urea is evenly sprayed into the exhaust tract.

AMT Value-add:
Work with the client to bring product to market from concept to mass production. The desired product design was made possible by employing AMT patented In-Coring™ technology to form highly complex internal undercut channels. These enable the urea in the nozzle to be evenly sprayed into the exhaust tract. This internal undercut channel feature was deemed “impossible” to manufacture using conventional machining.



Innovative OEM who develops and manufactures products for exhaust after-treatment such as SCR, diesel particulate filter and combined systems.

Automotive Engine

Material used
Austenitic Stainless steel

End Product
SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system

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