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Turnkey Manufacturing

From ideation to manufacturing the finish product, AMT offers total solutions to our partners. As your strategic manufacturing partner, AMT is able to support your business in these functions:

  • Co-develop Product Concepts;
  • Provide metal prototyping (3D Metal Printing / Additive Manufacturing) services;
  • Deliver consistent mass production of finished products with complex geometries.
  • Provide customized testing solutions to meet customer's and component specific requirements;
  • Offer vendor managed inventory services to streamline supply chain

As one of the leading global MIM manufacturers, AMT injects value add throughout the production process. This is all possible due to:

  • Strong in-house engineering expertise - mold design, product design and development, project management, metal prototyping, quality control;
  • Integrated Manufacturing and Product Sub Assembly operations;
  • High quality secondary operations - precision machining, heat treatment, plating services, special coatings for our customers.

AMT promises to deliver end to end engineering and integrated manufacturing solutions with uncompromising quality to our partners.

Find out more on the capabilties of technologies of AMT has to offer.

Capabilities & Technologies

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During sintering, the brown part shrinks and densifies into a net-shaped solid component.

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The polymer binder is removed from the green part by a debinding process to form the brown part.

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A quality product is derived from its high quality raw materials. As the leading metal professionals, AMT pays great attention to the raw materials used in the MIM process.

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