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At AMT, we understand our partner's needs - constantly finding solutions to shorten product development time. Our Prototyping services include 3D Metal Printing capability that offers fast turnaround time and accuracy to translate ideas into functional metal prototype thus shortening product development time.


3D Metal Printing (Additive Manufacturing) is a process by which a 3D design file is transformed into a physical metal object by selectively fusing a section of the powder bed in successive layers. One key benefit of this process is the elimination of any tooling, thereby reducing the cost of development. Another benefit is the ability to manufacture complex shapes which would otherwise be "impossible" to manufacture. One such example is the direct integration of comformal cooling channels into the mold inserts for application in plastic injection molding manufacturing resulting in increased productivity and shorter cycle time.


Pioneering 3D Metal Printing (Additive Manufacturing) services in Asia, AMT synergizes it's our deep knowledge in metal powder know-how and, the use of the advanced German Selective Laser Sintering Technology and our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide one-stop shop service to our partners. The range of materials available for printing includes: Titanium, Aluminum, Cobalt Chromium, Inconel, Maraging Steel and various types of Stainless Steel.

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A quality product is derived from its high quality raw materials. As the leading metal professionals, AMT pays great attention to the raw materials used in the MIM process.

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