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Innovative Applications

Synergizing MIM technology, process and material innovations and AMT's deep manufacturing expertise over the past 25 years, AMT has delivered many innovative applications:

In-Coring™ - Creation of complex internal channels

AMT has developed and filed the patent to manufacture metal / ceramic parts with undercut features using metal injection molding. This process, trademarked as In-Coring, allows the designers to create a single part (without assembly) with internal channels and undercut features. This design enhances the product’s performance and achieves cost saving for the customer. This part was awarded the MIM Grand Prize by MPIF in 2015.

Bi-material Components

AMT is capable of co-injecting two different materials to form an integrated two material component. For example, integrating hard & soft metal or integrating magnetic & non-magnetic metal materials can be co-injected together. By having interlocking features in the part, costly assembly operations can be eliminated and the product’s performance can potentially be enhanced.

Porous Structure

AMT is capable of introducing up to 40% porosity in a metal component produced through MIM technology, thereby enabling controlled porosity to achieve specified filtration properties or permeability to meet intended flow specifications.

Integration of components

Multiple individual pieces can be integrated into a one-piece MIM component. Such a design modification resulted in better product’s performance, reduce part count and achieved cost saving. One such part was awarded the MIM Grand Prize by the MPIF in 2000.


Hermetic Kovar Housing

This 105mm (4.14in) by 105mm (4.14in) by 1.5mm (0.06in) fiber optic housing is made of Kovar. This component defied conventional “acceptable size” for MIM to meet specific dimension and hermetic requirement. This particular part was awarded the Year 2003 Award of Distinction by MPIF.


Thin Wall Capability

This component has intricate geometries, a hollowed structure, and an overall wall thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm. It was awarded the Year 2002 Award of Distinction by MPIF.

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