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With the strong belief of wanting to deliver greater value to our partners, AMT has invested significantly in Research and Development. AMT’s continuous effort in innovating with new materials and processes has garnered tremendous recognition – 15 inventions and 29 worldwide patents, and counting. The proprietary technology applications of MIM clearly differentiates us as a leading global MIM manufacturer.

AMT believes in the constant upgrading of our capability and building up our internal analytical and investigative capability. This would empower AMT’s metallurgist and engineers to conduct detailed analysis for their R&D project development.

Below is a list of internal capabilities within AMT:

  • Mastersizer Particle Analyser – to determine powder particle size distribution
  • Dual Bore Capillary Rheometer – to analyze feedstock viscosity
  • Specimen Grinder and Polisher – for porosity analysis to determine grain growth and density
  • LED Microscope (up to 100x) – for microstructure analysis
  • Mold Flow Simulation – to determine the optimal mold design and injection parameters
  • X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Chemical Analyzer – to analyze the chemical composition of powder and components
  • Laser Marking – to mark alphabets, numbers or logos onto components or assemblies
  • Zeiss Scanning Optical System – to inspect forms, location and dimensions of the components or assemblies

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