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Procedural Consumables

Our subsidiary, Aurum Healthcare, is committed to develop novel solutions to advance patient outcomes. Our products are designed from years of research and laboratory experience with input from clinicians and the application of advanced manufacturing technologies adhering to the highest quality standards. We offer a broad range of medical devices for cardiovascular, cardiology, anaesthesiology and critical care procedures. We aim to improve the lives of patients through the application of safe medical technology that pushes the boundaries of innovation to improve clinicians’ outcomes, reduce the spread of infection and advance drug delivery.

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A quality product is derived from its high quality raw materials. As the leading metal professionals, AMT pays great attention to the raw materials used in the MIM process.

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The polymer binder is removed from the green part by a debinding process to form the brown part.

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During sintering, the brown part shrinks and densifies into a net-shaped solid component.

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