AMT MIM - One-Stop Solutions

One-Stop Solutions

At AMT, we understand our partners’ frustration in managing multiple vendors. As your strategic manufacturing partner, AMT is able to provide one-stop solutions in:

  • Design For Manufacturability (DFM) Concept
  • Mold Flow Simulation Study
  • Prototyping (3D Metal Printing/Additive Manufacturing) Services
  • Validation and Qualification Protocol
  • In-house CNC Machining Capability
  • On Time Delivery Mass Production
  • Customized Testing and Inspection
  • Manage reliable local and overseas vendors with areas of expertise in:
    • CNC Machining - grinding, turning lapping, etc
    • Heat treatment - H900 profile, case hardening, full hardening, etc
    • Plating which - EN, nickel, gold, silver, etc
    • Finishing - passivation, electro-polishing, glass beading, sand blasting, etc
  • Providing assembly services in white room or clean room
  • Using automation and robotic systems to improve production efficiency

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A quality product is derived from its high quality raw materials. As the leading metal professionals, AMT pays great attention to the raw materials used in the MIM process.

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The polymer binder is removed from the green part by a debinding process to form the brown part.

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During sintering, the brown part shrinks and densifies into a net-shaped solid component.

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