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Clean Room Assembly

Designed and built to meet the high standard of medical device manufacturing, AMT's clean room manufacturing & assembly operation is a state-of-the-art ISO 7 standard (Class 10K) cleanroom facility. We are ISO 13485 certified, and are driven to provide the best manufacturing & assembly service at a competitive price while delivering clean and reliable products. With added flexible capacity, AMT is able to undertake a wide range of projects - from small, custom orders to major projects.

AMT Medical ISO 7 (Class 10K) and ISO 8 (Class 100K) facilities in Singapore are ideal clean room assembly environments for Class II and Class III medical devices. From simple tubing assembly sets to highly complex and/or even exclusively delicate device assembly, AMT Medical has the expertise and capability to work with our partners. Our highly trained engineering personnel have the expertise to design and fabricate toolings and fixtures to support the production lines.

With our advanced manufacturing capabilities, AMT Medical will help you take advantage of:

  • Cost-Conscious Sourcing of materials necessary for assembly, packaging, and shipping thanks to bulk purchasing and economies of scale that AMT provides.
  • Reduced Production Costs by eliminating the need for facility, equipment, teams, and everyday manufacturing fees associated with ongoing production.
  • An Experienced Assembly Team that has been fully trained on strict medical production and FDA/CE mark compliance standards to ensure your products are safe for the market.
  • Low- and High-Volume Manufacturing Controls to enable your company to adjust production to the needs of your buyers and/or market.
  • Logistical Benefits and Access to a variety of transportation methods as well as entry into international ports – easily opening up new regions for your commercialization efforts.
  • Pre-Established Quality Assurance Protocols and Procedures to ensure that all products meet rigorous standards of manufacturing excellence to help you build loyalty in the market.

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Step 1 – Mixing

Very fine metal or ceramic powder is mixed with a thermoplastic polymer (known as the binder) to form a homogeneous mixture of ingredients. The mixture or feedstock is made into granulated pellets and directly fed into the injection machine.

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Step 2 – Injection

During injection, the feedstock is heated and injected into the cavity of the mold. This allows the desired shapes and geometries to be formed. The molded part is known as the green part.

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Step 3 – Debinding

The polymeric binder is removed thermally via the debinding process. The green part is subjected to the debinding process at a high temperature while maintaining its relative size and shape. The brown part consists of a powder skeleton that is brittle and porous.

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Step 4 – Sintering

The final stage of the PIM process is sintering. During sintering, the brown part is heated to below its melting temperature. As sintering progresses, density increases, pores are eliminated and the part shrinks to achieve a dense and near-net shape component.

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