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The MPIF Design Excellence Awards and EPMA Powder Metallurgy Component Awards recognize and honor the achievements of companies that have demonstrated design innovation, superior engineering properties with unique and differentiated commercial applications.

Grand prize is the highest level followed by Distinction.

Metal Powder Industries Federation Awards (MPIF)

European Powder Metallurgy Association Awards (EPMA)

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Since establishment in 1990, research and development is always one of AMT’s key focuses. This is demonstrated through the number of patents, inventions and awards held by AMT in both material and process development.

To date, we have:


AMT is an ISO 9001, ISO 11135 and ISO 13485 certified company. AMT is also ISO / TS16949 compliant. The entire manufacturing process undergoes close scrutiny to conform to international standards as well as specifications set forth by the customers. We are equipped with various testing & measuring capabilities to enable continual monitoring of dimensional data and statistics in the manufacturing process. In keeping with environmental protection regulation, we are also RoHS compliance.


Find out more about AMT's approach, the journey we have walked over the years and awards we have achieved.

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RESOLUTE and RAVE: The industry-first SARS-COV-2 direct RT-PCR diagnostic kit and its complementary lab automation system

AMT received approval to manufacture and supply RESOLUTE, an industry-first SARS-COV-2 direct RT-PCR diagnostic kit, and its RAVE robotic automated lab system. Pairing RESOLUTE and RAVE together will abolish the need to manually handle UTM samples and patients’ data, hence delivering 2X shorter turnaround time and throughput.


Alpha Ventilator, a world's first telehealth ventilator which can be tweaked both manually and remotely with a computer

Alpha Ventilator, a world's first telehealth ventilator for treating patients with infectious diseases. The Alpha Ventilator can be tweaked both manually and remotely with a computer to eliminate the need for healthcare workers to gear up with PPE to take readings or make adjustments.


AMT to extend advance manufacturing capabilities to Accuron MedTech’s new S$10m technology centre in Tuas

Accuron MedTech Group officially opened the new $10 million technology centre on Thursday, 13 September. Located next to the global headquarters of AMT, Accuron MedTech's portfolio companies will be able to access AMT's 44,000 sq ft of advanced manufacturing capabilities such as rapid prototyping, turnkey manufacturing, clean-room manufacturing and assembly, 3D printing, and medical device sterilisation.