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To be a leading strategic contract manufacturing partner delivering innovative and effective solutions for the medical, automotive, industrial and electronics industry.

Value Systems


    The integrity of an organisation is the pillar of long term success, and its foundation lies in our people. It is the total sum of the individual traits of honesty, dedication, and responsibility as professionals and coworkers in a common enterprise of creating value and bringing positive contributions towards a better world.



    To try for the seemingly impossible, to break the mould and to start over again, to look at issues and at ourselves dispassionately, to take responsibility for failure, to take the future into our hands and to contribute to that small bit of change for the better - courage is the seed for creation and progress.



    In our drive to succeed as individuals and organisations, we will fail to bring value to others unless we empathise and support others in need. Organisations do not have compassion - only individuals do. A true act of compassion must come as a direct gift from that individual.



    As individuals, as companies, and as countries, we must bring value to what we do, not just once, but consistently. It is part of the quest to enhance quality of life through consistent thought and application of effort. As individuals we may be good, but with teamwork we can multiply the value we bring.



    Commitment is the spirit that drives energies positively against seemingly impossible odds to achieve extraordinary results. It sustains the drive and keeps the standards flying.

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