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About Us

About AMT

AMT, your strategic contract manufacturing partner, delivering innovative and effective solutions since 1990. We integrate our 25 years of experience & knowledge on metal and our commitment to innovate, to collaborate with industries all over the world to overcome challenging manufacturing obstacles.

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Capabilities & Technologies

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)Innovative ApplicationsCeramic Injection Molding (CIM)3D Metal Printing (Additive Manufacturing)Vendor Managed InventoryResearch & DevelopmentCleanroom Manufacturing & Assembly OperationsTurnkey ManufacturingPrototyping ServicesFeedstock Formulation

17 February 2016 09:56am

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a manufacturing solution for producing intricate parts in medium to high volumes (10,000 to over 2,000,000 parts annually) using fine (<20 µm) metal powders.


17 February 2016 09:54am

AMT with its 25 years of expertise had developed proprietary technology and innovative application of MIM. Synergizing the technology, innovations and the deep expertise across a broad range of high end materials.


15 February 2016 07:21pm

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) is a manufacturing method/process that is fundamentally similar to that of Metal Injection Molding (MIM). However, the CIM process still contains subtle and important differences in its parameters.


15 February 2016 07:06pm

3D Metal Printing (Additive Manufacturing) is a process by which a 3D design file is transformed into a physical metal object by selectively lasering required area of metal powder, in successive layers.


15 February 2016 07:02pm

Headquartered with manufacturing operations in Singapore had given AMT's partners an ideal strategic gateway into Asia. Our commitment to fast response and effective relationship had helped partners streamline their supply chain.


15 February 2016 06:59pm

With the core belief of wanting to deliver greater value for our partners , AMT had been investing significantly into its Research and Development. AMT continuous effort in innovating with new materials of higher complexity had been awarded with 11 inventions and 27 patents.


15 February 2016 06:57pm

AMT's clean room manufacturing & assembly operations is a state of the art ISO 7 standard (Class 10K) cleanroom and it is pending FDA registration for manufacturing of medical products.


15 February 2016 06:45pm

From ideation to manufacturing the finish product, AMT offers total solutions to our partners.


15 February 2016 05:31pm

At AMT, we understand our partner's needs - constantly finding solutions to shorten product development time.


15 February 2016 05:11pm

A quality Metal Injection Molding (MIM) product is achievable not only by using high quality raw material, it is also essential to have quality and robust process control.


News & Events

Join us at MDM East!Hannover 2017 - The world's leading industrial showWhere we Unlock the Ease of Medical Manufacturing

20 July 2017 03:51pm

Greetings from New York City. Have you had your breakfast? The AMT team are enjoying their delicious MIM crunch - in over 30 different of material ingredients ! Alice and David are at MD&M East 2017 from June 13 to 15. Come talk to them at booth 1815 under Singapore pavilion to find out more about manufacturing possibilities designed for you.


19 July 2017 04:40pm

Thank you to those visited our booth at Hannover 2017. It was a great opportunity for AMT to showcase our capabilities in the world's leading industrial where we unlock the door to possibilities from concept to market.


25 April 2017 03:55pm

Thank you to those visited our booth at CompaMed 2016. It was a great opportunity for AMT to showcase our capabilities which unlock the door to possibilities from concept to market.



Read here on how AMT value add and inject efficiency throughout every stage of our client's manufacturing process, bringing designs to life with precision with our advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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AMT synergizes our 25 years of experience & knowledge on metal and our commitment to research and development to bring about innovation.

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